7 LEGIT Ways To Make Money Online In 2021 (*MILLIONAIRE IDEAS ONLY*) | MyLifeAsEva

3 Απρ 2021
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We goin straight to the top in 2021 y'all 😄🌻 Here's my BEST, real, legit ways to make money as a teenager in 2021.
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Hey! I'm Eva. My channel's full of all types of videos like DIYs, fashion videos, travel videos, comedy skits, vegan cooking, sketches and more! I love sharing my life with you and seeing where this journey takes me, and USSSS ❤️
7 LEGIT Ways To Make Money As A Teenager In 2021 (*MILLIONAIRE IDEAS ONLY*) | MyLifeAsEva

  • This is actually really helpful advice

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  • eva out here dropping gems but y'all refuse to open your eyes.

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  • Thank you sooo much for this video Eva! My Leo queen 👸🏽🦁 I have heard from all the ideas you mentioned but never really pursuit it, and you motivated and inspired me to work even harder on my GRworld videos and start Amazon affiliates🥰 love you!!

  • u are the best youtuber

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  • wow its really helpful

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    • What the actual fuck?

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  • my mom is doing these affialiate marketing stuff and etc ,and they say it legit gives people money

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  • When you just realize that that’s why the 20 Amazon Must Have videos are a trend lol

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  • Thank you Eva ❤♥ When I come back, I'll have a couple thousands. Period.

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  • Omg I met her yesterday it was a dream come true thank you for making my day every single day love your content 🥰

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  • Keep Making These Videos. This is Actual Advice to human. Guy Trust, Wathc this video. This is Advice.

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  • Can you be 9 and have a job

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  • the affilate thing is nothing more then percent returns in cash..cash back ya..which is like nothing..10%? ok, this is like a dollar most of the time which means i have to buy something for 50 dollars to get discount of a dollar or two

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    • Well everyone’s not rich you know she’s not even rich just be grateful she took her time out of her day to post helpful tips for the people who don’t know about his :)

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  • ILove You Beautiful Pretty. Can You give me a vice and I won't benervous nervous to Sure Stars Got my own GRworld Channel. Can You give me a camera for Canon G7x Markii love You. 😊😊😊😊🤗🤗🤗🤗

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  • This is soo true! I personally tried all of these for a while and then decided on what to focus based on what I like and what makes money. What matters is to GIVE IT A TRY! :)

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    • @Bailey Gordon thats totally ok!! good luck xx

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    • Aww thank you so much!!

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    • sorry its very long , I just wanted to make things clear haha

      phoebephoebeΠριν 8 ημέρες
    • hii. I'm not eva , but um maybe try recording covers on your phone and uploading them to GRworld. the quality might not be crystal clear, but it will get you started! I know its scary , but honestly there are do many people out there who can support you, including me 🤍

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    • Let me guide you on how to make profit

      CosasverdesCosasverdesΠριν 10 ημέρες
    • W.... H..... A.... T... S.... A.... P.... P +.....1....8...6...2....3....4.....3....8....3....1.....7

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