School Supplies Haul 2016! | BACK TO SCHOOL WITH MYLIFEASEVA

8 Αύγ 2016
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Its my last year of college so i still have time for ONE MORE SCHOOL SUPPLIES HAULLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL
DIY School Supplies 2014!:
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If you see this, comment: potatoes make a great tuesday treat!
About MyLifeAsEva:
Hey! I'm Eva. I love sharing awesome DIY’s for school, room and home decor. You can also find morning, night, and school routines here. I love creating comedy sketches and skits to make you all laugh! Thank you for making this amazing journey on Mylifeaseva possible! xoxo, Eva
School Supplies Haul 2016! | BACK TO SCHOOL WITH MYLIFEASEVA

  • Yes

    Rayne RandallRayne RandallΠριν 21 ημέρα
  • whos here in 2020

    Tess DakinTess DakinΠριν 3 μήνες
  • defiinitely. all teachers do that because they know the students dont do the work......AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I HATE DUMB TEAAAAACHHHHERZ

    The Horse MaidenThe Horse MaidenΠριν 3 μήνες
  • 2020

    Alberte bluerAlberte bluerΠριν 3 μήνες
  • i miss these times

    Ines ElfahemInes ElfahemΠριν 4 μήνες
    • Same

      Tariro ShoniwaTariro ShoniwaΠριν 3 μήνες
  • Wow I think I’m soo high I end up at back to school 2016😅

    angela salgueroangela salgueroΠριν 4 μήνες
  • Who else hates when somebody replies to a comment with a certain name but when u look at it it’s a different Sorry if u did not understand that lol

    BadIconicBadIconicΠριν 4 μήνες
  • My teachers do that ALL THE TIME!

    Alice McFaddenAlice McFaddenΠριν 4 μήνες
  • they alwase

    Abigail JohnsonAbigail JohnsonΠριν 4 μήνες
  • Remeber non toxic yt? Memorable..

    CloudssCloudssΠριν 4 μήνες
  • Yes my parents always say that!

    Claire TroyerClaire TroyerΠριν 5 μήνες
  • When life was good :(

    Amaya HodgeAmaya HodgeΠριν 7 μήνες
  • 2020?

    Ella DeloresElla DeloresΠριν 7 μήνες
  • potatoes make a great tuesday treat!

    Brandi BlairBrandi BlairΠριν 7 μήνες
  • Day 20 something of quarantine: I am now watching a back to school video from 2016. This era of GRworld was my favorite but I have no idea why I am watching this right now.

    Sofia JimenezSofia JimenezΠριν 7 μήνες
  • Kids in 2020: ...

    Dionte AndrewsDionte AndrewsΠριν 7 μήνες
  • Hi, its 2020. I don't know who's gonna see this, maybe one day someone that studies it, but I'm writing from behind my laptop during the beginning on the corona virus outbreak. I'm currently in eighth grade. I know most of you are probably grown up now, or close to it, and have now lost your innocence and joy. I hope all you grown ups are doing good now. However, I'm hiding out in a little trip down memory lane. :)

    Nina ʕ •ᴥ•ʔNina ʕ •ᴥ•ʔΠριν 8 μήνες
  • Yes in august my parents would be like let's go to bed at 9 and wake up at 7

    Madeline BoormanMadeline BoormanΠριν 9 μήνες
  • oh my god my mom tells me" get into your routein"

    Robin SumpterRobin SumpterΠριν 11 μήνες
  • As always my mom says GET UP !!!!

  • Yep...if u wanna know where I live... NOOOOOOOOOOOO STUPID ASSS

    Animal LuverAnimal LuverΠριν χρόνο
  • 7:42 She hit the whoah 3 years ahead of its time 😳💀

    Swiish_ L!ke_RvySwiish_ L!ke_RvyΠριν χρόνο
  • Mine don't tell to do the routine in august. they start in July.

    Student Kate DareStudent Kate DareΠριν χρόνο
  • they have

    NIgel KestersonNIgel KestersonΠριν χρόνο
  • Totally my parents

    autumn critserautumn critserΠριν χρόνο
  • I feel like none of my favorite youtubers put out back to school videos anymore so I have to just rewatch them

    Maddie CBMaddie CBΠριν χρόνο
  • Yasss

    Karl GoodmanKarl GoodmanΠριν χρόνο
  • near when i get bk to school my mum says that and i be like "Bruh or Oh Hell To The No!"

    Emily the Cosplaying CookieEmily the Cosplaying CookieΠριν χρόνο
  • Same Eva

    Kevin BuenoKevin BuenoΠριν χρόνο
  • My teacher played me like that

    Jayla OthmerJayla OthmerΠριν χρόνο
  • Omg yas my parents day that

    Jayla OthmerJayla OthmerΠριν χρόνο
    • Say

      Jayla OthmerJayla OthmerΠριν χρόνο
  • Last year my mom made me go to bed at 8 2 weeks before school

    Emily JohnsonEmily JohnsonΠριν χρόνο
  • Yup

    Abbi HoushAbbi HoushΠριν χρόνο
  • yessssssss

    Evelyn SikesEvelyn SikesΠριν χρόνο
  • Yep my parents always say that 😂

    Wild VlogzWild VlogzΠριν χρόνο
  • Like they say that word to word😂😂😂

    Dance4lifeDance4lifeΠριν χρόνο
  • Omg my parents would too

    TaCo GamingTaCo GamingΠριν χρόνο
  • And my teachers do that too

    Sydney SmithSydney SmithΠριν χρόνο
  • Yeah my parents say that too

    Sydney SmithSydney SmithΠριν χρόνο
  • Year you mean month

    Kara SiuranoKara SiuranoΠριν χρόνο
  • My mom makes me go school shopping online for like my bookbag water bottle and clothes after the fourth of July... not kidding

    Min YoonglesMin YoonglesΠριν χρόνο
  • It’s June and I’m watching her whole school playlist😂

    Maddie CBMaddie CBΠριν χρόνο
  • God had a pen, you had a marker, god drew the world, but u made it brighter. Wanna know who the best person in the world is? Look at the fifth word.

    Ciaran KellyCiaran KellyΠριν χρόνο
  • Yes maw parents always say that like if u feel the same way :3

    Ciaran KellyCiaran KellyΠριν χρόνο
  • Like I don’t mind going back to school, because if I was at home all day I would run out of GRworld to watch. 💞💞💞💞AND THE SCHOOL SUPPLIES💞💞💞💞

    Ella KingElla KingΠριν χρόνο
  • THEY DO Not

    Gabbie WGabbie WΠριν χρόνο
  • Yyyyyeeeeeesssss

    D’Anna DavisD’Anna DavisΠριν χρόνο
  • Yes they would do that at the end of July

    RianonRianonΠριν χρόνο
  • 0:59 oh yeah all the time

    kassey duckkassey duckΠριν χρόνο
  • I have the purple backpack

    JulieJulieΠριν χρόνο
  • Yeesssss my mum say that

    Soccer KingSoccer KingΠριν χρόνο
  • My parents say that to

    Anjali MishraAnjali MishraΠριν χρόνο
  • So many times my parents have said “You should start getting into a routine of getting up early”🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬😂😂😂😂😂😂

    XO Caroline OXXO Caroline OXΠριν χρόνο
  • They say that at the beginning of August

    Christopher BrownChristopher BrownΠριν χρόνο
  • My teachers plague too

    Kenzie MaciosekKenzie MaciosekΠριν χρόνο
  • My parents say that

    Kenzie MaciosekKenzie MaciosekΠριν χρόνο
  • My parents tell me during August to sleep earlier

    Sofia Ortega 1104Sofia Ortega 1104Πριν χρόνο
  • Yasssssssss girl they be like go to bed! Like shit off

    Nycohlas AndersonNycohlas AndersonΠριν χρόνο
  • i felt a sudden urge to go back to 2016 youtube

    idk lolidk lolΠριν χρόνο

    Defne Korkmaz15Defne Korkmaz15Πριν χρόνο
  • Haha I’m the only one who’s here from 2019 hellloooo past people

    Mel ShipseyMel ShipseyΠριν χρόνο
  • My parents are like that too girly♥️♥️#respect

    Brooke FieselerBrooke FieselerΠριν χρόνο
  • Yes

    Samaria JonesSamaria JonesΠριν χρόνο
  • 🧾

    Girl 13Girl 13Πριν χρόνο
  • Girl even if it is 4 weeks before school my parents say go to bed early and wake up early

    Gaby PerezGaby PerezΠριν χρόνο
  • 0:43 but........August is my birthday month... :(

    Out of place CheemsOut of place CheemsΠριν χρόνο
  • Summer: Oh honey go to sleep whenever One week before school:Sweety it's time to go to bed at 8:00 pm now Me:...😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    Aiyana MeeksAiyana MeeksΠριν χρόνο
  • I love school shopping

    Chastity ReimerChastity ReimerΠριν χρόνο
  • Mine have and I hate it😑😐

    Chastity ReimerChastity ReimerΠριν χρόνο
  • yes

    Leslie PerkinsLeslie PerkinsΠριν χρόνο
  • My mom say this all the time

    XXX_Cutie Panda_XXXXXX_Cutie Panda_XXXΠριν χρόνο
  • Yes!!! My mom would say that all the time when it was all most back to school

    Ryleigh RobertsRyleigh RobertsΠριν 2 χρόνια
  • "the power of Purell repels you"

    Deb MDeb MΠριν 2 χρόνια
  • 0:53 is so true

    Latoya KuhnLatoya KuhnΠριν 2 χρόνια

    Sofia AnastacioSofia AnastacioΠριν 2 χρόνια
  • Since there are no back to school video by the squad who else is watching old ones? 2018? Just me k

    Makayla JohnsonMakayla JohnsonΠριν 2 χρόνια
  • Its that time of year

    Marianne BMarianne BΠριν 2 χρόνια
  • omg my parents do that they did today XD

    Hailee CummingsHailee CummingsΠριν 2 χρόνια
  • I hate August. And my birthday is in august. And least you can sugar coat my august!!

    Amanda MoralesAmanda MoralesΠριν 2 χρόνια
  • girl! I start school next monday, and i get up at 6:30. IT'S UNNATURAL!!!!

    AbbyArtistAbbyArtistΠριν 2 χρόνια
  • When august comes I have a week left of late nights

    cutiewolfgirlminecraftxox xoxoxcutiewolfgirlminecraftxox xoxoxΠριν 2 χρόνια
  • dang my dad said to "get back in the routine" all the time? dead lolol

    Valerie LangValerie LangΠριν 2 χρόνια

    Jiwoon KimJiwoon KimΠριν 2 χρόνια
  • The Agenda At School Are Very Cringyyyy!!! WE can't Get Our Own! The Map At The Back, The Cover, The Note Taking Just Makes U sad

    kawaii angiekawaii angieΠριν 2 χρόνια
  • Omg yeeeees my parents made me start doing the routine 2 weeks ago!!!

    Casa HolubarCasa HolubarΠριν 2 χρόνια
  • Yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    letercast gobleletercast gobleΠριν 2 χρόνια
  • Yessssssss girl yesssssssssss

    Ava MandelAva MandelΠριν 2 χρόνια
  • So cool👻🆒

    Livia WebberLivia WebberΠριν 2 χρόνια
  • Yes

    Ileane ChavezIleane ChavezΠριν 2 χρόνια
  • They say it to me like litterly every day because I'm in aghast to witch means back to school for me I only have to more weeks of summer noooooooooooo

    Pinkie PostPinkie PostΠριν 2 χρόνια
  • when i was younger the 6 weeks holiday seemed the longest thing in my life. But now that i`m in high school i cant wait for the year to be over but im like "wait...... it`s on 6 weeks that`s so short its not even 2 months! : ( why can`t we have longer off?"

    Sister lifeSister lifeΠριν 2 χρόνια
  • My 8th grade English teacher PLAYED ME TOO We did these do nows throughout the year at the beginning of class and like the last week of school she was like "I'LL BE COLLECTING THEM" and there was like 60 of them and like everyone had thrown them away WHY DO TEACHERS HATE US!???!!!

    Grace LeslieGrace LeslieΠριν 2 χρόνια
  • My mom be like -two weeks before the first day of school- "you need to go to sleep bc you got school in two weeks" me-"two weeks before at least let's do it one week before"

    Lashay mccullumLashay mccullumΠριν 2 χρόνια
  • Ya thats my mom I hate it yesterday she told me that I need to start waking up early in the morning for school

    Ocean HelpOcean HelpΠριν 2 χρόνια
  • Thats me it suck to go to sleep early, but u know whats worst, FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL WITHOUT COFFEEE!!!

    Juana EditsJuana EditsΠριν 2 χρόνια
  • Yes my parents said that to me too

    Your MomYour MomΠριν 2 χρόνια
  • My mum all ways says start going to bed early for "routine"

    Ruby HarfRuby HarfΠριν 2 χρόνια
  • Me so me

    JessRae watersJessRae watersΠριν 2 χρόνια
  • My mom wloud tell me get into the mornig routine

    Ella wElla wΠριν 2 χρόνια
  • My parents are making me do that

    Mya BennettMya BennettΠριν 2 χρόνια